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Hail Handling Services

Paintless Dent Repair (DSP) is now a widely recognized activity among automotive professionals. In recent years, this alternative method has taken a new step in its development. The DSP is totally democratized.

It allows the vehicle to be restored to its original appearance. It is now recommended by all insurance companies, manufacturers, logisticians, bodybuilders, etc. The results are surprising and reserved to the best specialists. HHS (head office: Brindas, Rhône) is at the heart of the problem of claims management.

Thanks to the 20 years of experience of its founders and the close links they have forged with their various partners, HHS is committed to provide a perfect quality of service. The competence of its teams also leads it to collaborate on numerous international projects.

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Hail, an extraordinary/ unusual climatic disturbance

Current climatic disorders, undoubtedly linked to global warming, do not protect anyone from the enormous, sudden and violent damage that hail can cause to entire car fleets, whether they are private or professional. The rapidity of the phenomenon (often linked to thunderstorms) prevents any forecasting in most cases. This is the reason why so many vehicles are damaged at the same time, over a more or less large geographical area.

Working on entire fleets in record time is the challenge of this job. HHS, a privileged interlocutor for manufacturers, dealers, logistics specialists, bodybuilders, insurers, and experts, has given itself the means to respond to them in the most effective way, thanks to the implementation of unique procedures.


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